Teak – Grade A 

  1. Before using your teak furniture for the first time, we recommend you to remove any dust from manufacturing by wiping the furniture with a damp cloth.
  2. As teak has oil that occurs naturally in the wood, you should expect some of this oil to bleed out following the first few rainfalls. Therefore to protect your cushions, we recommend you to bring your cushions indoor before the furniture gets wet.Once the furniture has begun to form a silver-gray patina, you may no longer need to remove the cushions.
  3. Mulia teak furniture only requires a periodic cleaning. To clean furniture, simply hose down the furniture with water. Then, scrub the wet furniture with a soft bristle scrub and a blend of 2/3 cup detergent, ¼ cup bleach mixed in 1 gallon of warm water. When it is done, rinse the furniture with water to remove remaining cleaning liquid.Please note that it is important to avoid jet spraying the furniture as it can erode teak surface.
  4. If you would like to use your teak furniture outdoors, do not apply oil on it as oiling outdoor teak can cause irregular colouring or can cause mould to grow.
  5. Should you prefer to store your teak furniture, we recommend you to store it in a dry, unheated place. Be very careful with using furniture covers since some of furniture covers may not have proper ventilation which can cause mould to grow.
  6. Although teak wood itself will not mildew, mildew sometimes grows on dirt and other foreign substances that are not removed from the wood. This occurs more commonly in warm, humid climates. If this happens, follow the standard cleaning instructions immediately.Do not let the mildew remain on the wood for too long otherwise it can cause stains on the wood that are difficult to remove.
  7. As it is normal that wood expands and contracts slightly, we recommend you to tighten your furniture fittings once a month just to ensure that it is tight enough

Teak – Reclaimed (Antique Finished)

  1. Unlike furniture made from Teak Grade A teak, reclaimed wood will contain grooves, knots, splices, cracks and other rustic features. These attributed are intentional and give each piece its own unique character
  2. Mulia reclaimed teak is still kiln dried to ensure the stability of the timber and the finishing (gray wash/white wash) applied is a commercial grade for outdoor. When exposed to the elements, the finishing will wear away after approximately one or two seasons of use. It is important to note that the finish will not necessarily wear away in a perfectly even fashion during the weathering process.
  3. To prolong the life of the finish, we recommend you to use furniture covers when furniture is not in use or using the furniture in a covered area.
  4. As the finishing is professionally applied through a multiple stage of process, it is not possible to restore the original finish once it has begun to wear away by yourself. However, once the unfinished teak is exposed, the furniture will weather naturally to gray patina color just like the untreated teak.
  5. For light cleaning, wipe down furniture using warm water and a soft cloth.
  6. For moderate cleaning, add 1 teaspoon of liquid dish soap to 1 quart of warm water then wipe with soft cloth. Rinse using a low hose pressure to remove extra soap.
  7. Should you prefer to store your teak furniture, we recommend you to store it in a dry, unheated place.

Stainless Steel

  1. Mulia stainless products are produced using industry standard grade 304. Despite its durability, it is recommended to regularly cleaning the stainless steel using a warm water and glass cleaner then wipes it with a clean cloth. Always wipe with the directional grain of the steel, not across it. After washing, rinse with fresh water and dry thoroughly.
  2. To remove finger prints or smudges, you can use a stainless steel cleaner. However, read the instructions carefully before applying.
  3. Do not use steel wool, sandpaper, bleaches and chlorine cleansers to clean the stainless steel.
  4. Applying a soft paste wax like automotive wax on stainless steel will provide added beauty and protection for the furniture.
  5. Check your furniture regularly and if you notice discoloration, tarnish or water stains, increase the frequency of water rinses to reduce accumulated chemicals. Infrequent cleaning can lead to small brown spots appearing on the surface of the steel. These spots are cosmetic only and did not affect the structural integrity of the furniture. Proper cleaning will restore the steel to its original appearance.
  6. Even though stainless steel is generally resistant to corrosion, it does not mean that it is rustproof, especially in the environment near salt water, chlorine and strong chemicals. Therefore, it is not recommended to place our stainless steel products within 10 miles of the ocean.
  7. We highly recommend you to store your stainless furniture in a dry garage, garden shed or basement during the winter in climates exposed to snow and freezing temperatures.Always store the furniture in an upright position to allow proper water drainage. Storing furniture upside-down may cause structural damage as the water might be accumulated and freeze inside the frame.

Woven Furniture

  1. For regular cleaning, rinse the frame using fresh water using a high hose pressure.Another way to clean up your woven furniture is by using a mild detergent and warm water using a soft brush. Rinse with fresh water until no soap bubbles remaining.
  2. Avoid using foam cleaner as it can leave a residue in the gaps of the weaving and attract dirt later.
  3. We highly recommend you to store your woven furniture in a dry garage, garden shed or basement during the winter in climates exposed to snow and freezing temperatures.Always store the furniture in an upright position to allow proper water drainage. Storing furniture upside-down may cause structural damage as the water might be accumulated and freeze inside the frame.

Sling Furniture

  1. For regular cleaning, mixed 1 tablespoon liquid dish detergent with 2 tablespoons bleach in 1 gallon of fresh warm water. Clean the fabric slings using a sponge or soft cloth. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and allow it to air dry.
  2. To clean fabric slings from suntan lotion, oils or grease : rubbing alcohol
  3. For cleaning from mildew, you may use a strong liquid detergent with warm water and chlorine bleach.
  4. For beer and coffee stains, use strong liquid detergent with warm water and white vinegar
  5. For berry juices, wine or blood stains, you can use strong liquid detergent with warm water and ammoniaBe very careful to avoid getting this solution on the teak or stainless steel furniture frame.


Thank you for choosing Mulia fine outdoor furniture. With proper use and care, we are confident that our product will provide you with years of trouble-free enjoyment. Your furniture comes with a limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects. Standard warranty periods for each category of furniture are provided below.

To inquire about warranty coverage, please contact the retail store where the furniture was purchased.


  • • 5 year warranty for residential applications
  • • 3 year warranty for commercial applications
  • • 1 year warranty for glass table tops, cushions, slings, and pillows


  • • 3 year warranty for residential or commercial applications
  • • 1 year warranty for slings


  • • 3 year warranty for residential or commercial applications
  • • 1 year warranty for glass table tops, cushions, and pillows


  • • 1 year umbrella warranty for residential or commercial applications
  • • 1 year umbrella base warranty for residential or commercial applications (corrosion not covered)



Why Teak?

Teak is utilized in outdoor applications where strength and durability is of essence.

The reason teak is so desired for outdoor application is that teak possesses rich natural oils, preventing the wood from drying out, which in return prevents the wood from cracking and splitting. Teak is at the same time extremely stable (no warping or twisting), making it bar none the absolute superior raw material for making wooden garden furniture.


Why we should buy Mulia furniture?

Mulia has been in furniture making industry for more than 15 years and only buy grade A wood from Government Owned Plantation (Perhutani) and reclaimed wood from certified suppliers. Mulia is SVLK certified company where we are audited every year by the government appointed accredited auditor to ensure we are not part of illegal lodging.

Mulia utilize the latest wood processing technology, including a vital step in production called ‘kiln drying’. This stabilizes the wood further and helps it adapt to living as furniture in a dry climate. It’s a step that is easily ignored by sub-par manufacturers, as it is a lengthy (3-5 weeks) and expensive process.

Mulia is able to produce a customized furniture that tailor your needs from various high quality materials such as teak, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic rattan, tempered glass, fabric slings and many more. All made and assemble in our factory to ensure the high standard quality.

Mulia manufacture high quality furniture without large management, keeping our overhead low and enable us to give you the absolute best value.


What is SVLK and V-legal Document?

SVLK stands for Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu, or Timber Legality Assurance System in English. It is designed to check the legality of timber from forest through to the point of export using independent auditors.

An SVLK (TLAS) license guarantees that the Operator/timber industry has complied with legality standards and criteria. Companies that comply with the SVLK need to attach a V-Legal Document to their shipments for export. The V-Legal Document specifies that the timber products being shipped comply with the legality standard as stipulated in the Indonesian regulation. Thus the V-Legal Document provides assurance that the timber and timber product is legal. V-legal Documents are issued by Conformity Assessment Body (Or “LVLK” in Indonesian) as for SVLK certificates.


How we make our furniture?

First, we buy only the best plantation grown raw materials, highly selected by our knowledgeable timber buyers.

It is delivered to our factory where it is cut up into our production sizes in our on-site sawmill.

Then it is carefully stacked into our on-site kiln drying ovens, where it sits for 3-5 weeks, or until the moisture content is consistently around 8-10%.

Then we move it into our teak warehouse, where the wood is carefully hand selected for the various products. Tabletops get the most attention to color matching and clean wood for best showroom appearance.

We then process the wood components thru our production line, which is constantly upgraded with new equipment for an ever-increasing fit and finish.

We then assemble the product using mortise and tenon joinery together with only the best exterior grade glues in the world. Creating very strong furniture that will last for decades without any care or maintenance.

Our quality control procedure is of the absolute highest level, and runs throughout the whole production process.

Our furniture is shipped to you disassembled. Use our supplied solid brass/stainless steel hardware along with our state-of-the-art assembly instructions to assemble the product. Ensure to tighten hardware properly according to our instructions.


What grade of steel does Mulia use for its furniture?

Mulia use a 304 grade stainless steel imported from Taiwan or Japan.